Friday, May 01, 2015

Mmm mmmm mmm

Well I have been MIA.  Going through my phone I have so many pictures and why not share with you guys right.  Okay so the last couple of months I have been watching what I eat so this was a recipe I found last year and I have mastered it.

And it is Egg Muffins some call it quiche same concept.  These things are scrumptious and very easy to make.

I bought the larger muffin pans, just looks better than the smaller ones.

Recipe calls for:

Dozen eggs
Green pepper chopped or/and spinach or broccoli
Red pepper chopped
Shredded cheese any type
Sausage links (cut up) or bacon or even bacon bits
I mix all ingredients together then I pour into greased muffin pans.

Depending on my mood I beat eggs in a separate container then mix all other ingredients put 2 spoonfuls in muffin pans the pour egg mixture over it.

***I do add salt and pepper for taste.

Let me know if you guys make them these muffins are a hit every time.

Later Cazhes. Muah

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