Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas Cazhes....

Merry Christmas Cazhes,
Im slowing coming back, sorry I have been so so so busy in the past few months, so much is going on and I still need a new camera which I hope to get really soon.  So I came to say Merry Christmas to you all.  Hope you guys enjoyed your day with your family and friends and remember that Jesus is the true reason..  I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends thats really what means more to me than anything!

Here are a few pics from today hope you enjoy, my phone camera sucks but hope you enjoy anyway.. love you guys...
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ok with a Red Lip... featuring Mac Rubywoo and Jordana lipgloss in OMG.. thanks to Sandy SocialLife.. for the lipgloss suggestion..

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sorry I been MIA>..

Hey you guys, I missed you so much, Sorry for the Disappearing Act I had alot of stuff going on such is life.  Well I will be back up and running soon Thank God... I miss my blogging family you guys mean so much to me. 

Well im up early and just caught this new Jill Scott Video God Hear My Call and OMG< at first I thought it was Janet Jackson it had that kind of vibe to it, I was in the bathroom then I said let me go see who this is singing and to my surprise it was my girl Ms. Jill and oh my I love this song the video is kind of different but its real, so real i got so emotional because it described some of the feelings that have been occupying my heart lately. Sometimes songs describe the very way that you are feeling at the moment and this song has just describe the place I have been in for the past few days, no im not down in the dumps lol.  I am excited about the future and things that I would like to work towards but I am also asking and praying for guidance and hope that God is in lead and not me.  With that being said here is the song, I hope you guys enjoy it just as much as I did, and to follow are some pics that I have taken over the past week or two.  Love you all.  CocoaDout...

This was my Thanksgiving LOok Using REvlon Products I will come back later to give more details on the products  used.
 This is my she so Pink look lol.. hope you guys are alright Im wearing a wig that I made it came out really good for my first time thanks to my girl keke aka Mrs. Divalike on youtube here is the link to her video showing how to make this wig... HOw to make Bang Wig