Holy Grail

So I have been sitting here trying to come up with a list of products that I consider to be my really then real deal Holyfield Holy Grail products.  This task is not that easy because I am always on the hunt for something better or cheaper or put it like this where you can get more bang for your buck!  So right now my list is really short but hopefully in the near future I will nail those staple products down to a T.  Right now I am still on the hunt for my Holy Grail Foundation and I feel like I have tried everything from Mac to Maybelline but that's a topic for another post.  Well here is my Holy Grails so far...

These help when my skin gets really crazy

sweet mint mmm

Wear them only when trying to be sexy

 This stuff is amazing

I swear I have bought over 20 of these in past 10 years

Mac MSF Natural Deep Dark
 2nd one almost gone

Mac Texture Eyeshadow
This is an everyday color for me

Mac Humid Eyeshadow
I hit pan on this one right now I'm using a dupe

Mac Nightmoth and Chestnut Lip liner
Chestnut last for a long time and my nightmoth has a curse on it I bought two of them and lost them both never hit bottom on them.