Thursday, July 07, 2011

Best Blog Award

Hello Cazhes,

Hope all is well with you guys.  Guess what I was named for a BEst Blog Award yippee.
. Yes from my girl Crystal @ This diva has plenty to share on her blog she reflects the Awesome God we have her personal journay, all things fashion, and a whole lot more. Please go by and check her out.

Ok the rules are to answer the follwoing things about yourself.
  1. Favorite Color = PInk of course lol.. Fuschia Pink or Raspberry Pink aka Hot Pink
  2. Favorite Dessert = too many to choose used to be strawberry cheesecake now digging Publix Red Velvet Cake ice cream mmm mmm or Publix Chocolate Almond Ice Cream but you cant go wrong with a brownie fudge overboard sundae from Red Lobster
  3. Biggest Pet Peeve = a few lol. Liars, People who talk loud when your right there in front of them, and most of all Smacking that hands down will get you hurt lol..
  4. Favorite Pet = I want me a doggie.. cute one..
  5. Black or White = Leopard Im just saying.. lol Im Leopard..
  6. Biggest fear = Not being able to have more children, and not accomplishing my long term goals
  7. Best Feature= My Eyes ( the one thing I was teased about so much growing up)
  8. Everyday Attitude = Gotta laugh or ill be crying./ What dont kill you makes you stronger
  9. What is perfection = To eat anything you want and not gain weight w/o excercising ( i used to be like that but not anymore)
  10. Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream and Pizza

Okay so now her are the blogs I nominate and I just nominated alot of people in my last award for A Lovely Blog Award shout out to my girl @ for awarding me that.  So Im listing new people this time I like these blogs for many different reasons so Im just going to state the blogs and you have to check them out..  I tag everyone who reads this blogpost and will answer the ? if you do this consider yourself awarded with the Best Blog Award and please claim it on your blog even if your name wasnt mention below you all rock and is the Best...Hope all is well with you guys.. Love you all CocoaDout.....

7 comments: said...

Wow! You're on a roll. Congrats, Bloggie. It's definitely well deserved. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

ASingleMothersJourney said...

Yay! I just received this award to. Congratulations!

Ms. Viva Glam said...

Congrats girl! You're doing big things. I love your definition of perfection :)

Makeup4play said...

Awhh congrats, and thank you for tagging me. I will be answering the questions shortly. Stay blessed.

CocoagirlD said...

Hey Fam, Thanks I appreciate it.. @Girl RAtes World Thank you i was shocked too. @Asinglemothersjourney congrats to you too..@Ms.Viva Glam I know right @makeup4play ok take your time..

ChicBrie said...

Hello! Sorry for posting so late but you def deserve this! So keep those smokey eyes comin' lol

CocoagirlD said...

@ChicBrie Hey honey thank you so much for awarding me I appreciate it and see we had some things in common too ;-) Im cranking the smokey eye looks out i love smokey eyes now if i make more time in the morning to do it i would wear it everyday but i rather sleep in lol.