Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am the WINNER...

Hello Cazhes,

Hope you guys enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend.  So OMG, I am super duper excited, I won a $50 Victoria Secret Gift Card from Erica b.k.a The Glamorous Gleam or Mz.More on youtube and here is the link to her youtube: http://www.youtube.com/GlamMzMore  She had an appreciation giveaway for all her subscribers and I won.  I already know what I am purchasing, its the VS Face Primer.  She did a review on it a few months ago and she loved it so I knew that some day soon I would be getting my hands on a bottle to try and thanks to her I am trying it sooner than I expected.  A big Thanks goes out to Erica from the Glamorous Gleam. Please be sure to check her out.

Here is a link to the VS Face Primer review:  http://www.theglamorousgleam.com/2010/10/vs-makeup-pro-airbrush-fx-face-primer-spf-20-review.html

And please go follow her @  http://www.theglamorousgleam.com/ She is a MUA and does awesome FOTD, OOTD, Reviews, Hauls, and so much more she is really sweet and talented.  By the way I feel like I am all you guys BF's in my head as Wendy would say lol.. So glad I decided to start blogging I was supposed to start this last year but procrastinated so glad I have decided to jump on board I am meeting so many great people and learning so much along the way.

Also I had a smokey eye challenge between me and my girlfriends this weekend here is the look. I created for me just a simple black smokey eye.  I will put up full info later..and be sharing there looks as well.  Much love Im out for now CocoaD..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sorry/ Need Help!! Warning pic heavy..

Hey Cazhes,

Sorry you guys, I am having a hard time replying to comments that were posted.  Every time I try to reply it asks me to sign in to my account and once I do that it then ask for the security code, that's done it ask me to sign in again or which account am I using?  This is getting frustrating.  Are any of you guys having problems?

My short hair winter 2010

Goal Hair Length I love this pic of her

But this hairstyle is calling me.

Hair length wanted

I love this look think it would look nice on me.


Short hair around christmas

Me wearing halfwig.

 Ok, I need some help I am torn between cutting my hair to keep a short haircut that I had or just continue letting it grow out which I want it to do anyway.  My hair seems to grow the most in the very back of my head and sides.  The slowest growing area is from the crown to front bang area.  I have been trying to do low heat and less manipulated styles such as caps, quickweaves and wearing half wigs or sew ins.  My only problem with the sew ins and caps or quickweaves is that my scalp gets irritated easily and itches like crazy so I would have to wash it at least once a week.  I need to get back on a healthy hair regimen but need some more tips and something quick and easy.  Okay next situation I am having this adult acne its not that bad but it gets on my nerves, lil bumps on the forehead and on my cheeks and lower chin to neck area.  Oh lawd not to mention the big cystic bumps I get when my visitor comes just awful( well I had to get back on the pill for health reasons so haven't had any cystic acne this month with one eye open and fingers crossed lol.) I know this is TMI, but I need some help pleassssssssssse.  I have oily acne prone skin and my hair is relaxed with medium texture gets dry and breaks with to much heat.  So what are you guys skin and hair regimen? Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you.. CocoaDout..

Me 3 years ago nu gro challenge

Me few years ago
Jan 2010

Half wig

Talk To Me Thursday

Hey Cazhes,

Yes it is Thursday almost time for the weekend and a 3 day weekend for most.  I am so excited to be off on Monday aah looking forward to doing a whole bunch of relaxing. Today I bring to you a scripture from Ephesians.  I am just thanking God for the where I am in the moment for the right now just hoping that I am learning all lessons that I need to learn in order to grow and be better in his eyes. 

Ephesians 5:19-20 Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord always giving thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Me and a close friend of mine was having a conversation about some relationships we have with other people in our lives.  Even when these certain individuals do wrong or mistreat us God still wants us to walk in love and kindness and forgive.  Now this is something that is often very very hard to do so I am just asking God to help me learn the lesson or reason for the hurt and to forgive those who have hurt me and hope that anyone I have hurt or mistreated can forgive me as well.  Well nobody is perfect we all strive to become better as we become wiser from life's experiences.  Today this song came to mind its Mary Mary Walking..  Hope you guys enjoy and always pray for me and I will be praying for you CocoaDout....

INSPIRATIONS: Mission Failed

Hey Cazhes,

Hope all you guys are doing well.  Nothing much going on with me I did go to the specialist about my arm last week and my elbow is broken ;-( So I am supposed to do physical therapy 3x a week geesh. I'm to old to be broken bones and body parts now well I guess I didn't get it all out when I was a kid well never had any broken bones growing up I wasn't that much of a dare devil.  I really just danced and play kick ball no jumping of garbage cans or jumping fences none of that for me I was too busy playing with my barbie dolls.  But the Dr. said that it will heal so I'm not going to worry about it just hope it heals as soon as possible it does hurt but hey sometimes its a rainbow after the storm.  Any who I did play in makeup a few days ago and tried to do an inspiration look but I didn't like it but I will share some pics with you guys anyway. What have you guys been up too?  CocoaDout...

This is the look I was going for I saw it in a hair magazine...

The Green Eye Look

It has green on the lid with lighter color in the crease with blue on lower lash line with a pink blush and nude lip.

And this is how it came out..

Let me know what you guys think.. Im going to give it another try. Will update products used later.. CocoaDout...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey Cazhes,

Last night I wanted to play in makeup and get all cute and stuff lol.  So I was inspired by a look similar to that of Ms. Divalicious Design on blogspot.  She calls it her Spring Fling FOTD.  you can find her at http://www.confessionsofadiva.blogspot.com/ and she is also on youtube at www.youtube.com/houseofdiva.com or facebook fan page www.facebook.com/divalicousdesigns  so here is my version of the look hope you guys enjoy.. CocoaDout.. 


Products Used: Face: Mac NW46 Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealor Palette
Mac Careblend Foundation Deep Dark
Under eye Highlight: Maybelline Fit me Powder 355
CoverGirl Queen Collection Bronzer Q120 Ebony Bronze

Cheeks: Revlon Golden Affair blush in Berry Darling
Mac Xrocks blush for highlight

Eyes: Primer Ruby Kisses 24 Eyeshadow Magic
Loreal Hip Crayon pencil Majestic Base for Lid
Lid: Nyx Hot yellow eyeshadow mixed w/ Ben Nye Sun Yellow pressed eyes
Cut Crease w/ Loreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil in Plum and Ben Nye Amethyst pressed eyes
Upper Crease: Nyx deep bronze eyes w/ Mac msf deep dark
Browbone: Mac Arena eyes
Waterline/Tightline: Mac Smolder eyeliner pencil
Lower Lashline: Loreal Hip Crayon Pencil in Authentic w/ Nyx Lagoon Sparkle eyes
Liner: Wet N Wild Creme Liner Black

Lips:  Nyx Fuschia lip liner
Milani Lipmixers in Lip Party #706
Mary Kay Cream and Sugar Lipgloss

Inspired from http://www.confessionsofadiva1.blogspot.com/ please check her out.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

His Swag

Hello Cazhes,

Ok so this man knocks me off my feet, its the way he makes me feel.  I feel like there is no one else in the room but me and him.  I feel like I am on stage and his eyes are on me only.  When I hear that sound I just cant help but move and groove.  When Im having a bad day just hearing  him makes all things immediately good and well.  His was my first crush and I hated to say goodbye.  You may know him matter fact im sure you do.  He did a video just for me hope you guys like..

Who else could I be talking about... hahahahaha R.I.P M.J.  you'll always be my first crush..
So whats your favorite M.J. song? I have so many this is just one that I heart so much.

Talk To Me Thursday

Hello Cazhes,

Well its Talk to me Thursday and today I have a scripture for you and also a selection that I have been feeling in my spirit.  Can I keep it real with you guys, I am so waiting on the Lord to guide and direct me so that my life can line up the way he wants me to live.  In his word he says he wants us to have life and life more abundantly and I am so ready for that!  Just been in a slump lately and ready for my breakthrough.  Praying for you guys and sending love and kindness your way.  CocoaDout..xoxoxo

The Scripture:

Isaiah 40:31 - But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

The Selection:

Fred Hammond featuring John P Kee- They that wait.. I have been playing this song over and over and it really lifts my spirit and no matter what I still will give God the praise. Hope this helps someone.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello Cazhes,

Hope you guys are doing well, I decided to share a little more about me today just a little something I wrote along time ago and its something that I enjoy on a regular basis.  I need my music yall gotta have it whether its gospel, r&b, blues, hip hop, very little rap, little country, classic, pop,rock and roll, neo soul and whatever if I like it im listening to it.  Hope you guys enjoy this writing selection till the next time CocoDout.xoxoxoxo

Please Dont Stop the Music!!!!!!

by CocoagirlD on Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 11:55pm
Music heals the soul.

For every test and trial there is a song that helps us get thru. Whether we are praising, celebrating,
hurting, happy, sad and blue, have a new love, or rekindling an old one or saying goodbye.

Music never leaves our side.

Music stands the test of time it help us clean the house, get us moving for work or school in the morning,help us to make it thru long days at work, express how we feel about the ones we love, provide a beat for us to boogie to, and kisses us to sleep at night.

Music is an art a form of expression..

Please dont stop the music!!!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Favs of the MOnth...

Hey Cazhes,

Elf Nail Polish Remover Pads- $1 Kmart or Target..
I love these things they have a cucumber smell very light and fresh only con is that you do have to really rub hard to get a dark color off but great to keep in purse.  And doesnt have that strong nail polish smell where everyone in the room will know somebody is polishing there nails.
Mac Groundwork Paint Pot $16.50 USD I have been wearing this as lid color only and just adding a dark brown in crease for a little contour.  I put some of mines in small jars to carry in my purse but it is still alot in the original jar just a little dug in.lol

Mac Fresh Brew Lipstick-$14.50 USD I have been loving this lipstick great for everyday you can amp it up by adding a gloss in gold, brown, or even orange or coral.  This is a must have for woc.
Sinful Colors Soul Mate-$1.99 Walgreens This coral color looks fantastic on my nails and on my toes.  Great for the summer I love it and get alot of compliments on this color.  I did a NOTD, a while back with this color my fav for the spring I think im going to need a back up of this color.

Ok so this is my first Fav of the month post and yes I know Im late but hopefully you guys enjoy...Oh let me know what your favorite items are.  Until the next time CocoaDout..

Friday, May 13, 2011

Talk to Me Thursday

Hey Cazhes,

How are you guys doing?  Same ole with me I am just waiting for my dark clouds to go away.  I had a good day yesterday nothing happened just decided not to worry about anything.    I'm tired of planning, figuring things out, wishing, wanting, just want a day where i can just enjoy the day no work, no bills, no plans, no nothing just to get up when i want eat something, drink something, get dressed, go walking and enjoy the weather, no time limit, nothing scheduled and not be responsible for anything.  Just waiting for a brighter day. which lead me into this selection.. Kirk Franklin Brighter Day... and also Donald Lawrence  This post was done Thursday but blogger site was down and I was unable to get on for some reason.. well hope you guys enjoy stay tuned coming with my April Favs..CocoaDout...

Kirk Franklin- Brighter Day

Donald Lawrence & Tri City Singers

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Just Thinking..

Hello Cazhies,

Have you ever thought about one of your exes?? The one you let get away, well Im thinking about one of my exes.  He was a good dude but our timing was off and I felt like I was holding or keeping him from being the true man he needed to be or grow into.  But now I feel like I shouldve waited and worked things out maybe things wouldve bloomed into the relationship I really wanted it to be.  But its some you win and some you lose.  Boy I wonder do he think about me as well?  Anyway he has moved on and is very happy and as long as he is happy I am happy for him.  All I can do is learn from our experience and wait for who the man God has for me and to stop getting in God's way ;-) because the ones I have been picking have been all wrong lol, except this particular ex.. Well this is dedicated to him.. Doobie you know who you are..

Happy Mother's Day

Hello Cazhies,

Just coming by to say Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's, Aunties, Grandma's, and Godmother's..  This is your day hope you guys know just how much we appreciate you all..  I enjoyed my day overall went to church with someone who I hold dear to my heart she is like a mom to me since my mom and I live in two different states now.. But enjoyed seeing her to so Ms.Jazzy you know who you are I love you your my Florida mommy..

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Talk To Me Thursday

Hello Cazhes,

Its late and I am still up so decided to talk to you guys.  Well today is Thursday May 5, 2011 it has been 6 years today since I lost my little brother.  He was killed by some idiots who tried to rob him for some shoes yall, like this foolishness has to stop!  Anyway during this time of year I always feel a little down and unfortunately it feels like I am losing more and more of my family and friends.  The only thing that keeps me sane is I know that God has a plan he is alpha and omega and everything is in his hands, he knows our beginning and our end! Well I am not trying to get anyone down but just sharing part of my personal journey and some of the struggles that I face and believe me this is only a small peek into my life but through it all God has kept me.. cause its more in my story but I want my hurt to be my testimony that through it all no matter what I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ...  So today I share with you guys a few pieces that I have been listening too. Hope all is well with you guys..till the next time CocoaDout....

Greg Oquin- I told the Storm I chose this mime selection..performed by trinity praise group video courtesy of youtube.

Fred Hammond- No Weapon

Mary Mary-Cant give up now

Spring/Summer Sensation.. featuring Revlon Colorburst Coral and Mac Freckletone Lipsticks.

Hello Cazhes,

So I did play in my makeup one day last weekend and this is a natural look that I was putting together for a bride to be using mostly drugstore products with the exception of two or three mac items.  Hope you guys enjoy.. CocoaD..

 Products used:
NYX concealor in jar Chestnut undereye
 Mac StudioFix Fluid Foundation- NW46
Mac Care Blend Powder Deep Dark
Mac Msf Deep Dark
Mac Sweet as Cocoa Blush
CG Queen Collection  Bronzer Q120 (contour)

Mac Groundwork paint pot (lid)
WnW Vanity- dark brown (semi crease and outer v)
WnW Vanity- shimmer white gold inner eye corner
WnW Vanity- light taupe matte (highlight)

w/ mac freckletone l/p and sappilicious lipgelee

Mac Orange eyeshadow (inner crease)
WnW cremeliner black
Revlon Lusterous Grow Mascara Black w/
one Kiss #03 eyelash  on Left eye

Blistex Lip medex (base)
Revlon colorburst lipstick Coral
Mac lipgelee Sappilicous or
Mac morning glory lipgloss cant
remember which one.

What's Going on Wednesday's- WGW

Hello Cazhes,

Hope you all have been doing well.  Well not much going on with me just trying to nurse my arm back to health yes, I will admit my skating days are done!  Went skating with the family and fell OMG, landed right on my rear end which I thought was the softest place to fall on until I got up and then went to move my arm and OH LAWD Lortab her I come needless to say had to go get xrays and they came back with joint effusion, which is fluid on the arm. I am very hard headed and stubborn although I have been trying to take it easy, I still have been doing most of my normal tasks.  I am scheduled to meet with the specialist soon so I am  hoping that everything goes well. So I havent had a chance to play in my makeup like normal but I have been doing a few looks that I plan to share with you guys soon.  Miss you guys xoxox.. CocoaDout..