Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sorry/ Need Help!! Warning pic heavy..

Hey Cazhes,

Sorry you guys, I am having a hard time replying to comments that were posted.  Every time I try to reply it asks me to sign in to my account and once I do that it then ask for the security code, that's done it ask me to sign in again or which account am I using?  This is getting frustrating.  Are any of you guys having problems?

My short hair winter 2010

Goal Hair Length I love this pic of her

But this hairstyle is calling me.

Hair length wanted

I love this look think it would look nice on me.


Short hair around christmas

Me wearing halfwig.

 Ok, I need some help I am torn between cutting my hair to keep a short haircut that I had or just continue letting it grow out which I want it to do anyway.  My hair seems to grow the most in the very back of my head and sides.  The slowest growing area is from the crown to front bang area.  I have been trying to do low heat and less manipulated styles such as caps, quickweaves and wearing half wigs or sew ins.  My only problem with the sew ins and caps or quickweaves is that my scalp gets irritated easily and itches like crazy so I would have to wash it at least once a week.  I need to get back on a healthy hair regimen but need some more tips and something quick and easy.  Okay next situation I am having this adult acne its not that bad but it gets on my nerves, lil bumps on the forehead and on my cheeks and lower chin to neck area.  Oh lawd not to mention the big cystic bumps I get when my visitor comes just awful( well I had to get back on the pill for health reasons so haven't had any cystic acne this month with one eye open and fingers crossed lol.) I know this is TMI, but I need some help pleassssssssssse.  I have oily acne prone skin and my hair is relaxed with medium texture gets dry and breaks with to much heat.  So what are you guys skin and hair regimen? Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you.. CocoaDout..

Me 3 years ago nu gro challenge

Me few years ago
Jan 2010

Half wig

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