Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cocoa's Most Wanted/ Wishlist

Hello Cazhes,

Im sitting here its like 3am and I should be in bed but cant sleep.  So alot of times I find myself thinking about my next makeup adventures (purchases) or things that I would like to buy or play in so I decided to make a wishlist of the items that I want to buy.  As follows:

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • Mac Sweet as Cocoa Blush
  • Nars Taj Mahal and Exhibit A Blush
  • Sephora Color Diary Kit
  • Mac Studio Fix Foundation Nw47 or Prolongwear Nw50 or Nw45
  • Mac Blot Powder Deep Dark
  • Jessica Simpson Shoes that is Banging..
  • Birthday Dress or OutFit
  • First Lace Front Wig
  • Mac Concealer
  • MUF Foundation
  • Cover Fx foundation and primer
  • Sleek Contour Kit and eyeshadow palette
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
  • Milani Baked Blush Lumunious
  • Milani cream eyeshadow glitz n glam stunning and sparkly

This is my wishlist so far some of these items Ive wanted in the past but talked myself out of them to not only wished I wouldve went ahead and purchased them when I started to.  For example the Naked Palette now it no longer comes with the mini 24/7 eyeliner  it comes with a brush instead.  Just my luck I rather had the eyeliner pencil who idea was it to change that Urban Decay!!! Anywho I will be posting an inspiration look soon sometime this week I hope untill then CocoaD out..

Monday, March 28, 2011

I heart...

Hello Cazhes..

If you really know me then u know that I am a die hard What?????

This is one of my fav pictures of her

Simply Regal Gotta love it!

You Remind Me..

Die Hard Mary Fan.... If you dont know now you KNOWWWwww (in my Biggie Voice)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kelly Rowland.

Hey Cazhes,

Whats going on with my diva's?  Well first of all I must admit I heart Kelly Rowland! She is a fashion icon for me, I must admit I dont like everything she wears but most of those items are couture which ok im not there yet lol.  But for the most part I think she is gorgeous and has great fashion sense.  I am in love with her hair lately well for the past few years most of her mane moves has been on point but this cut recently late 2010 I love. So I have decided to use one of her pics as my next inspiration even though I get most of my natural everyday looks from her this is one that I thought was worth copying.

Is it just me or do you guys also think her and Nelly look absolutely wonderful as a couple? I secretly wish some sparks would ignite between the two; no offense Ashanti this goes why back to that video they did years ago. Well here are some of my fav pics of Kelly w/ bonus of Kelly Nelly. .CocoaD out..

Looking Stunning and Fashion Forward love the one sleeve!

Me trying to look like Kelly 2008


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

REcent Vids..

Hello Cazhes,

No Scrubs Healthcare Er day look

Bold Valiant Look

Whats going on guys not much with with me work and started spring cleaning oh my i didnt realize that I have alot of stuff until its time to pack and up and get rid of it.  Well I only have one problem I have a hard time letting go of things. So this spring cleaning is going to extend another week lol.  Oh well I recent did a contest entry for my girl txcutie75 go check her out on youtube.  So here are some of the looks one of the vids I got in for the contest and I recieved HONORABLE MENTION for my vid the other one I didnt submit in time for the contest hope all is well with you guys ttyl.  CocoaD.. please check her channel out.. you wont regret it...
Bold Valiant Look

Friday, March 04, 2011

Happy Friday

Hey Cazhies,

I am so so so happy today is Friday the start of freedom (weekend) lol.  It has been a long week but anywho i recently did an inspiration which was my first of Kandi from her Havent Loved Right Video with the bangin purples so I decided to share the pics with you guys and plan to link the video soon hope you guys have a beautiful and safe weekend ttyl.  CocoaD

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bad Day

Hello Cazhes,
OMG I am having such a bad day, have you guys ever had one of those days where everything is going wrong will today is one of those days for me well this whole week but I must keep smiling thru it all because God is good no matter what he has the final say! With that being said i decided to upload an inspired look that I recently did this weekend of Trina yep the baddest .. watch yo mouth lol well this picture of her is beautiful nuff said so hope u guys enjoy and hope all is well you diva's... CocoaD out..