Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ahh To Blog or Not to blog,,

Hey Cazhes,

I miss you guys so much, I don't know what has came over me.. I have been so busy well almost busy and have just gotten lazy and have not been on blogs, barely on instagram, not on facebook, and youtube  man I just have been socially challenged.  Well who fault it is well mines and scandal, the following, the braxtons, tamar and vince and all other shows... that I have been obsessing over.

So now the ? is do I start blogging again? Is my blogger fam still out there?  Well I am thinking about what would my future posts be on, my life right now is still in transition, im getting acquainted with a new environment and I have switched jobs at least 3 times within the last 7 months, but God is good I went from unemployed to being in a stressful postion to being right back to a wonderful 9-5, which I had been praying for.  Thank you Jesus.. so now im contemplating my next chapter.  So with that being said, I do want to come back but I have to figure out a routine that will work for me and will work for you guys. 

So I need your help, what topics, subjects, or discussions would you guys like for me to share?  How do you guys maintain day to day life and still take the time out to share yourself with the blogfamily? 

Well that's all for now cashes I do miss you guys.. and will be stopping back in soon once I figure out how to remain active in the blogger world..

Stay blessed....

CocoagirlD out...