Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kelly Rowland.

Hey Cazhes,

Whats going on with my diva's?  Well first of all I must admit I heart Kelly Rowland! She is a fashion icon for me, I must admit I dont like everything she wears but most of those items are couture which ok im not there yet lol.  But for the most part I think she is gorgeous and has great fashion sense.  I am in love with her hair lately well for the past few years most of her mane moves has been on point but this cut recently late 2010 I love. So I have decided to use one of her pics as my next inspiration even though I get most of my natural everyday looks from her this is one that I thought was worth copying.

Is it just me or do you guys also think her and Nelly look absolutely wonderful as a couple? I secretly wish some sparks would ignite between the two; no offense Ashanti this goes why back to that video they did years ago. Well here are some of my fav pics of Kelly w/ bonus of Kelly Nelly. .CocoaD out..

Looking Stunning and Fashion Forward love the one sleeve!

Me trying to look like Kelly 2008


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