Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What's Going on Wednesday's- WGW

Hello Cazhes,

Hope you all have been doing well.  Well not much going on with me just trying to nurse my arm back to health yes, I will admit my skating days are done!  Went skating with the family and fell OMG, landed right on my rear end which I thought was the softest place to fall on until I got up and then went to move my arm and OH LAWD Lortab her I come needless to say had to go get xrays and they came back with joint effusion, which is fluid on the arm. I am very hard headed and stubborn although I have been trying to take it easy, I still have been doing most of my normal tasks.  I am scheduled to meet with the specialist soon so I am  hoping that everything goes well. So I havent had a chance to play in my makeup like normal but I have been doing a few looks that I plan to share with you guys soon.  Miss you guys xoxox.. CocoaDout..

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