Sunday, May 08, 2011

Just Thinking..

Hello Cazhies,

Have you ever thought about one of your exes?? The one you let get away, well Im thinking about one of my exes.  He was a good dude but our timing was off and I felt like I was holding or keeping him from being the true man he needed to be or grow into.  But now I feel like I shouldve waited and worked things out maybe things wouldve bloomed into the relationship I really wanted it to be.  But its some you win and some you lose.  Boy I wonder do he think about me as well?  Anyway he has moved on and is very happy and as long as he is happy I am happy for him.  All I can do is learn from our experience and wait for who the man God has for me and to stop getting in God's way ;-) because the ones I have been picking have been all wrong lol, except this particular ex.. Well this is dedicated to him.. Doobie you know who you are..


Sher said...

aww I feel u gal but u can never know what God has in store for you,if he is really the one for u,Im sure u willbe together again!!!

one of my aunts had a boyfriend as a teen&she broke up with him coz he wasnt ready to settle hehe so they both went and married elsewhere,Guess what she is now 45 and just married to that same guy from 25years ago can u believe????They met again after 25years in a different continent,divorced&married last year

Just hold on in there,Im sure he will come back if he is the one,if not u hav someone special in waiting so cheer up&just wait for God's time!

CocoagirlD said...

@Sher wow thats awesome you never know whats in the works.. Everytime i see your comments I smile it warms my soul i have been running into alot of guys from my past two from high school but they still frogs lol not ready to be prince's or kings but you know im trying to let God choose cuz i get in the way and pick the wrong ones.. thank you for sharing that with me gives me hope i just have to be patient.. muah much love to you and the family..

Ag said...

AWWW!!! never had that experience, but I can imagine how it feels! Like you said you should be happy he is happy, and just pray that God sends you your Mr. Right. You'll be fine!!!! Everything comes in due time!

CocoagirlD said...

@Ag,, you are so right honey everything happens in due time in God's Time. Thanks for checking out my blog luv till the next..ttyl