Friday, May 13, 2011

Talk to Me Thursday

Hey Cazhes,

How are you guys doing?  Same ole with me I am just waiting for my dark clouds to go away.  I had a good day yesterday nothing happened just decided not to worry about anything.    I'm tired of planning, figuring things out, wishing, wanting, just want a day where i can just enjoy the day no work, no bills, no plans, no nothing just to get up when i want eat something, drink something, get dressed, go walking and enjoy the weather, no time limit, nothing scheduled and not be responsible for anything.  Just waiting for a brighter day. which lead me into this selection.. Kirk Franklin Brighter Day... and also Donald Lawrence  This post was done Thursday but blogger site was down and I was unable to get on for some reason.. well hope you guys enjoy stay tuned coming with my April Favs..CocoaDout...

Kirk Franklin- Brighter Day

Donald Lawrence & Tri City Singers


Dee O. said...

LOVE these songs!!!! Kirk Franklin & Donald Lawrence are 2 of my favorite gospel musicians :) Thank you for posting this!


CocoagirlD said...

@Dee O. No problem luv, this music keeps me going glad you enjoyed it. thanks for stoping by..