Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Talk To Me Thursday

Hello Cazhes,

Its late and I am still up so decided to talk to you guys.  Well today is Thursday May 5, 2011 it has been 6 years today since I lost my little brother.  He was killed by some idiots who tried to rob him for some shoes yall, like this foolishness has to stop!  Anyway during this time of year I always feel a little down and unfortunately it feels like I am losing more and more of my family and friends.  The only thing that keeps me sane is I know that God has a plan he is alpha and omega and everything is in his hands, he knows our beginning and our end! Well I am not trying to get anyone down but just sharing part of my personal journey and some of the struggles that I face and believe me this is only a small peek into my life but through it all God has kept me.. cause its more in my story but I want my hurt to be my testimony that through it all no matter what I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ...  So today I share with you guys a few pieces that I have been listening too. Hope all is well with you guys..till the next time CocoaDout....

Greg Oquin- I told the Storm I chose this mime selection..performed by trinity praise group video courtesy of youtube.

Fred Hammond- No Weapon

Mary Mary-Cant give up now


Sher said...

aww Im so sorry2hear about ur brother,its neve easy losing a loved one I lost my big sister 6years ago too!!!

There is so mch evil in this wrld but Im glad u keeping strong and believe in God.There is no greater power than the Almghty's. Stay beautiful,strong&blessed

My thoughts are with u!!!!lotsa love&hugs


CocoagirlD said...

@Sher hey Diva.. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your big sister... brought sadness to my heart. I pray that God gives you comfort during those hard times and thanks for the luv and hugs..xoxox i felt them.. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day/auntie/god mom/ beautiful women day... thanks for checking in with me.. And I am enjoying your blog your my extended family..Tish...