Sunday, February 27, 2011

I dont like smiling in pictures..

Hello Cazhes,

Okay so I was looking for pics to include in my blog to give it a more personal look and you know  where Im not made up all the time and some where I am but at least some pics that I am smiling on.  Ok so anyone who knows me know that I dont like to smile on pictures.  Why? Because somehow someway they always come out looking goofy to me.  Well just because I love you guys so much I decided to share a few pics of me smiling.  Ok so now that I uploaded all the pictues of me smiling I can see that it dont look bad after all well after deleting the goofy ones lol. So on that note Im going to start smiling more often no more mean mug pics for me. Smile even when hurts for a while Smile oh sorry got that new Kirk Franklin in my head well God Bless I pray for you and you guys pray for me. Hope you guys enjoy, and what are you doing on this lovely Sunday.. hope to be loading a few vids to youtube by nights end.  CocoaD_

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