Thursday, June 16, 2011

Talk To Me Thursday

Hello Cazhes,

Hope all is well with you guys.  Boy this week has been so long and I was off sick from work yesterday and it still feels long geesh.  If I told you some of the things me and my family has been through and is currently going through I dont think you would believe it!  I dont even believe it sometimes I dont even know how I am sitting here today writing you guys.  But what I do know is its by God's grace!  He gives us the strength to press on and make it thru he has healed and strengthen us thru Jesus Christ.  Well I have been praising God thru songs, songs that encourages and reminds me of where I came from, where I am now and knowing the promises God has for me I know where Im going.. God just wants us to seek him first and all our hearts desires he will give to us as long as its in his will.  Hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend as always im praying for you please send up a pray for me.. much luv CocoaDout...

Deitrick Haddon- Love him like I do

"You want to know why I love Him like I do
Cause when my enemies said I was through
He took me from the bottom
And put me on the top
He laid His hands on me
And now I can't be stopped"

Thats when I remind myself that I aint giving up cuz Im a .....Survivor...=Destiny Child

"After all of the darkness and sadness,   
Still comes happiness,
If I surround myself with positive things,
I'll gain prosperity."


Sher said...

aww gadfu doing great honey,i been thru a traumatic week myself butI prayed so hard,i feel better and everythn seems ok.God always listens and answer our prayers

Im thinking of u,thanx fo sharing with us,May God be withu always sis

CocoagirlD said...

@ Sher hey sis .. aww i will definitely lift you up in my prayers whatever your situation or circumstance my be I pray that God heals and control that situation. I am doing wonderful got some good news that I had been praying for so really thanking the Man Above'' thanks for always being there.. much luv oh i sent u a blog award too.. God Bless you sis..