Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whats going on Wednesday..

Hello Cazhes,

Hope all is well with you guys, geesh I have been busy.. which is good busy keeps my blood pumping and moving and happy as well but tired.  Ok so few things coming I won another giveaway yippee.. so I will be  posting about that soon.  I have decided to start a new series and step out there and challenge myself further and do a smokey eye look series where I would post a smokey look once a week.  I'm just trying to step my game up a little and of course play in my makeup.  Speaking of playing in my makeup I need to start shopping my stash and need to hit pan on a couple of items before I can even think about purchasing anything else.  How do you guys shop your stash and work your hit pan reggies I need some tips.  I dont wear much eyeshadow on a daily basis but I need to use more of my makeup and stop letting it just sit there.  Its really due to laziness in the morning, I prefer to sleep in later haha. Also to come I will be creating a new youtube channel soo that sounds like a contest and giveaway coming soon.  I might need some help rainstorming contest ideas.

Ok now I entered a contest.on facebook it was asking  for your Best Beachy Bronzed Look for my girl Ms. April Antoinette if you guys are on facebook you must check her out!  She is the (in my Tamar voice) so its a must this diva is on her grind she moved from Hot Florida to New York to jump off her career as a MUA.. I give her mad prompts that is Major and my girl has worked on several celebrities already and now she is a M.A.C. girl yes now she works for M.A.C. 
So now that leads me into a favor I need from you guys.. Please I really need your help in voting for me! I need you guys to go to .April Antoinette Makeup Artist!!!  Here is the link:!/photo.php?fbid=10150651788290223&set=o.142168515833676&type=1&theater  Please so ya girl some support. The more likes I get the better my chances for winning but most of all make sure you check out Ms. April also @
Well here is a few photos of the look I did, let me know what you guys think?  And what are your go to products to get that beachy bronzed look.  Im thinking bout purchasing the Iman Bronzer in Afterglow it would have been great to have on hand for this look I did.  Much Luv to you all.. CocoaDout..


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