Sunday, April 03, 2011

Inspiration: Kelly Rowland

Hey Cazhes,

Hello Diva's n Divo's so sorry I was suppose to have had this done a week ago well her it is the Inspired Look of Ms. Kelly Rowland.  Hope you guys had a wonderful and blessed weekend my prayers go out to you and your family and hope you guys are sending up prayers for me as well cause Lord knows I can use it.  Anywho I am not where I wanna be in Life but I thank God for his grace and mercy that things are not as bad as they could be.  Until the next time CocoaD out.






Ms. Viva Glam said...

I've always loved Kelly, she's so beautiful! I think you did a great job on the recreation, I really love your eyebrows :)

CocoagirlD said...

Thanks Diva hope your enjoying your week and dont work to hard so glad the weekend is coming soon I need some R&R. Thanks these eyebrows are a work in progress its a day to day fight lol. ttyl :-)