Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My first subscriber and / NOTD Yipeee...

Hey Cazhes,

I am so happy right now, I have my first follower and her name, well she goes by Ms. VivaGlam and she has her own blog that I am subscribed too as well.  She does awesome post on a daily basis that will keep you informed on the latest makeup trends and she is the bomb with the FOTD's cause Lord knows I dont have time to take no pictures before rushing off to work in the morning.  So if you are reading this post please go subscribe to Ms. VivaGlam @ www.touchingfaceswithbeautyandglamour.blogspot.com and I guarantee you  will not be disappointed.  Also I am now a bzzz agent its the world's leading social marketing company that helps people try and share products, services and brands. Its a program where you can try products out for free and share your opinion on these products.I am still learning all the benefits of being a bzzz agent but for more details please check out Ms.Viva Glam blog she has a post that goes into more detail on being a bzzz agent.  Well Cazhes thats all for now and on to my first NOTD.. Im using Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish in Boogie Nights #854 CocoaD out....

No Flash

With Flash


Ms. Viva Glam said...

Pretty nails girl. I like both colors.

Thank you so much for the awesome shot out, you're to kind. I'm really glad that you like my blog so much, I enjoy you're reading your posts and watching your You Tube videos-it's inspiring to me!

Congrats on becoming a BzzAgent, I'm sure you'll like it.

Thanks again for your support, I mean that from the bottom of my heart :)

P.S. I've added your blog on my blog roll.

CocoagirlD said...

Aww no problem thanks for adding my blog im still new to this i created it a year ago but just now decided to do post finally lol. Im loving your blog you have alot of good tips and love your FOTD's im trying to start those but ooh i dont know how you do it everyday lol your my inspiration. Much love have a beautiful week.ttyl

Ms. Viva Glam said...

Thanks, I don't do those FOTD's every day girl. I don't have time. Some of them I've done months ago and just now uploaded the pics, lol.

I'm trying to do them maybe twice a month... We'll see how that goes :)

Enjoy your day!