Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worship Wednesday Oops Thursday Again..

Hello Cazhes,

Something always tries to get in the way of me doing these posts on Wednesday but it will get better soon that I know and believe in.  I am trying to better myself as a person and one of the things that I need to work on is letting God fight my battles so that I can focus more on him!  Well today I worshipped him thru song and praise again so here is what has blessed me on this night.. Hope you guys are well and stay blessed and hold on to his word..CocoaDout..

Marvin Sapp- I Believe

This songs always gives me just enough encouragement to keep pressing on and it gets me crunk to make it thru whatever situation I am dealing with.

Bonus.  everytime I hear this song at church it gets in my spirit and blesses me so I never make it thru with a dry eye..  Isreal Houghton and the New Breed- If not for your grace.

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