Monday, June 20, 2011

Show me how you Smoke... them Eyes that is....with Special Guest Apperances.

Hey Cazhes,

So I am starting a new series just a challenge to myself to play in my makeup and try to get this smokey eye thing down.  I know how I like my smokey eye to look but its so many ways and techniques to achieve the smokey eye.  Now let me give you some background on how I feel in love with a smokey eye.  Well it started with a payless ad years ago, OMG Star Jones had the baddest smokey eye I ever saw.. I have been trying to perfect it every are a few pics of Star...

Ok so I decided to go find a definition for the smokey eye lol.. boy you will be surprised at what people say.. or what you find on google.  So here are a few definition or descriptions on the term "smokey eye":
  • The "smoky eye" is currently a popular technique for eye makeup on women right now, supposedly because it gives a sexy, sultry look.
  • Well, no "look" is truly natural, so I'm not sure that matters. But my guess is that the smoky eye is really a deliberate, morning-after, slept-in-your-makeup-after-sex look.
  • It makes the eyes look bigger and the whites of the eyes pop without resorting to unnatural colors like blues and greens.
  • If I could sum it up in a string words: 70s, NYC, Electroclash, Drugs (what?) smh....
  • It kind of has that look. Very bohemian, very peasant girl.
  • The "smoky eye" look is derivative of the traditionally applied kohl eye make-up used by various cultures around the world. It has been used seemingly for thousands of years to "enhance" the appearance of one's eyes.
  • I think it's been around for a while but it was seen more on models and less on everyday people.  
  • On the contrary, whole industries revolve around predicting and deciding what products and styles will become cool. In the fall of '05 cosmetics manufacturers had a coordinated rollout of "smoky" colors and "smoky eye" kits. The cosmetics companies bought ads in the women's magazines to show their new colors and promoted them to stylists so they appeared in editorial photography, and wham, it's what the hot girls were wearing. And what the hot girls are wearing is what's hot.

Well this is what I got from searching google for definition smokey eye.. amazing lol.. well here are some smokey eye looks that my fabulous friends did just to give a various looks of smokey eyes.. Both of these diva's are on youtube so please hit them up and subscribe..
Introducing my friends....
Chah Chahz Barbie..
 Smokey Eye Series: "Amethyst Smoke"

Eyes: Maybelline's Amethyst Smoke Quad, Maybelline's Soft black eye liner pencil

Face: MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Deep Dark and Mac's Vintage Grape Blush

Lips: MAC's Night Moth Lip liner and NYX's Paris lipstick
Please check my girl out on youtube.. she got makeup skills and can really sing yall.. also she is coming to blogger soon.. thanks L for participating in the smokey eye challenge.. she did another look that I will feature on next week smokey eye challenge..
Next up my girl..
Ms. Blackberrykisses..

And since my diva sis.. didnt give me her product info used I just included more looks that she has done.. please go subscribe to my sis on youtube she has hair and product reviews and tutorials as well.. this is the sew in queen who hooks my do up... . . and check out her blog  Thanks sis for doing the smokey eye challenge..
Well stay tuned for my smokey eye looks.. And special shout out to my girlfriends who made a special guest apperance on my blog and sharing there variations of the smokey eye... Thank you Ladies I appreciate you Diva's.. Hope you guys enjoyed and how do you Diva's achieve your smokey eye looks?  Much luv CocoaDout....


Sher said...

gorgeous looks,love them all!!!!!

CocoagirlD said...

@Sher Thanks sis I appreciate that