Saturday, August 06, 2011

Cazhing on July Favs...

Hello Cazhes,

Here are my favs for July, wow I cant believe I have that many lol.. Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. CocoaDout..

  1. Ruby Kisses HD 16 hour Set and Forget Setting Powder
  2. Image Essentials Kabuki Brush w/ purse
  3. NYX concealer in a jar in Nutmeg
  4. Clean n Clear Morning Burst Moisturizer
  5. Bath Body Works Body Spray in Dark Kisses (bottle almost gone)
  6. Bath Body Works Body Spray in Twilight Woods (love this)
  7. Mary Kay Satin Hands Scrub
  8. VS Pro Face Primer review coming soon
  9. a+b Maybelline Pure Makeup Liquid Foundation Dark 2 mixed w/ Dark 3
  10. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer trial size
  11. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash original
  12. Walmart HD Brow Brush/Eyeliner Brush
  13. Phillips Milk of Magnesia in travel container
  14. Elf Zit Zapper a lifesaver thanks to my girl Ms. Viva Glam
  15. Guess Parfume in Marino scent love this mix with Twilight Woods Lotion and Spray


Miss Dre said...

Is the NYX concealer in a jar long-lasting? I've been wanting to try it for forever!

CocoagirlD said...

@ Miss Dre hey honey it is long lasting i set it with the banana powder. But I do wanna try the Mac concealer to compare it too.
Thanks for stopping by..


Makeup4play said...

I also love the Maybelline Pure Makeup. I saw a whole bunch of them at my local big lots, but since I have a lot of makeup I decided not to get them. That really is one of my fav drugstore foundations.

CocoagirlD said...

yeah i love them too i wish i would've grabbed more i havent seen anymore at biglots.. i hope to find some more of them i love them great for everyday.. thanks for stopping by.


Lady K aka Kendra said...

Love the Guess by Marciano fragrance. I'm down to the last little bit in my bottle. I also love the Bath & Body Works fragrances. I will be having a giveaway soon featuring Dark Kisses...stay tuned!